Tuesday, September 4, 2012

absent but present

summer 2012

remember when summer used to last a really, really long time?!  when june would end and you'd have worn through a pair of flip-flops and moved on to a new favorite flavor of popsicle?  if you are around my age now, middle pushing late, you know that is no longer the case.  i began this post in july but never finished it because time got away from me.  

this summer i attended my thirtieth high school reunion.  what a unique experience of time travel!  some classmates i recognized immediately but not because they looked the same as they did back then.  i was drawn to those people whose spirit i remembered, whether they had aged much or not.  and those were the easy conversations, the ones that picked up mid-stream, effortlessly.  the rest felt like an interview process: where do you live?  what are you doing?  how old are your children?  just like now, there people you connect with and there are those you spend polite time with.   

so time has its power and yet there are incidences in which it is insignificant.  as i vow to post more often, i hope to work with time in the best of ways.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


sunset through the trees last night, before the full moon rose

it is september first so i say we are now in the fall season.  i know the calendars and the solar system don't agree but that no longer concerns me.  when i was a kid, the calendar was broken up into four three-month periods.  december, january, and february were winter months.  march, april and may were spring.  summer consisted of june, july and august.  and fall was made up of september, october, and november.  simple and, for the most part, accurate.  so i have continued to refer to the seasons by this calendar to this day.

i have been a remiss blogger.  i have neglected this space for much too long although i am always writing, in my head and on paper.  and i have missed being here.  so, in the spirit of a new season, i am going to try to post more regularly.  and i hope to see you join me here.