Saturday, December 31, 2011


i get my love for and ability to dream from my dad. not the kind of dreaming that involves the imagining of a better life, but the activity that takes place as we sleep. my dad says he looks forward to going to bed each night because he anxiously awaits where his dreams will take him. he says he often meets my mother, who died nine years ago, in his dreams. i have always had frequent and vivid dreams. i revisit the same non-existent places, night after night. i could create a detailed map of the geography of my dream world. i don't dismiss these dreams but neither do i take them seriously. if they have been trying to direct or inform me, i have been oblivious. but, like my dad, i happily anticipate the people and places i will encounter in my sleep each night.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

the edge

some of us live on the edge. the edge of comfort, of safety, of fear, of financial ruin.

some of us find the edge inside of us - the edge of sanity, of reason, of depression and that bottomless pit.

some of us seek the edge through daring behaviors, extreme sports, exotic travel, or substance abuse.

and some of us avoid the edge at all costs. we turn away by playing it safe, staying home and following those familiar routines. by holding back.

an artist finds that edge and walks its contours. she values the views from the rim in both directions. she uses the edge as a tool to guide her work.

but the edge, itself, is indifferent to us all.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

love, all wrapped up

i know it's been said that you can't give love in a package but i have to share with you some gifts i received this season that warmed my heart.

my friend, deanna, knitted me these beautiful wrist warmers. i can wear these while writing, typing, and even crafting! each time i put them on, i think of all the work and care she put into making them.

my husband gave me this book about the town where both of us graduated from high school. it is a place that is very special for both of us so this book was full of meaning.

as one of my christmas gifts, he bought me a private concert, via skype, with tristen. she is an amazing, young musician who happens to be very personable. the deal also included a journal and scarf handmade by her!

my sister and her sweet family sent me these earrings. when i was young i loved anything celestial. leave it to a sibling to remember who you are, what you treasure under the layers of age. i am overwhelmed that she reminded me of me.

my stepdaughter gave me this precious bracelet. it is symbolic of so much we have been through but states that love ultimately remains.

and, yes, sometimes it can be wrapped and gifted at christmas.