Saturday, December 31, 2011


i get my love for and ability to dream from my dad. not the kind of dreaming that involves the imagining of a better life, but the activity that takes place as we sleep. my dad says he looks forward to going to bed each night because he anxiously awaits where his dreams will take him. he says he often meets my mother, who died nine years ago, in his dreams. i have always had frequent and vivid dreams. i revisit the same non-existent places, night after night. i could create a detailed map of the geography of my dream world. i don't dismiss these dreams but neither do i take them seriously. if they have been trying to direct or inform me, i have been oblivious. but, like my dad, i happily anticipate the people and places i will encounter in my sleep each night.


  1. Interesting post today. Although I am very intuitive and spiritual, I rarely dream (or rarely remember then anyway0. Perhaps I am just too tired . . .

  2. Sweet words today! I dream lots...but I never remember what I dream about. And sometimes that's a good thing I'm sure! Happy New Year Laurie!