Saturday, August 20, 2011

desert moon rise

this summer my husband and i have been making a date on the night of the full moon to drive out into the desert and watch the full moon rise.

we set up chairs and soak up all the evening ambiance: the fading heat, bird calls, and the faint whispering of cars zooming by on the nearby road. the anticipation is intense and makes me giddy. then, without fail, we see the white sphere begin to appear. it is a show that has been running for thousands of years and yet it never fails to enchant. i remind myself that there are only a limited number of moon rises left in my lifetime - a bittersweet reminder to fully enjoy each one. i hope to continue this "tradition" into the fall and winter months.


  1. What a great thing to do! I really want to see wildflowers bloom in the desert before I die. And a nice picture - I have never figured out how to taken decent pictures of the moon.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. How beautiful! I miss the Southwest so much, especially this time of year. The rain storms create the most beautiful sunsets! I grew up in New Mexico and went to school in Arizona. The sky is so big and bright.