Thursday, November 10, 2011

lake shore walk

the following is an excerpt from a journal entry i made on sunday, november 6:

we went for a walk along the lake shore this morning. i was comfortable sitting inside but something was beckoning me to step out and experience the day.

the lake water is way down, leaving little "treasures", natural and other-wise, out to view.

the water plants in curvy formations in the sand, rusty railroad spikes, broken glass catching light, driftwood in awkward formations, and rocks in varied colors. thin layers of ice covered small pools of water on the mud, crunching delicately under our feet.

a thin line of geese swam next to us until one of them honked a cryptic directive and they lifted off the water with powerful strokes of wings.

the air here smells of wood smoke and lake water. in the six weeks since we were last here, autumn has settled in where there was once the sparkle of summer.


  1. Twas a beautiful weekend for you to be here.

    We've been so blessed with our fall this year.

    So glad all seems to be working out for more time spent here.

  2. Beautiful pictures - especially the first three.