Monday, February 7, 2011

most important

friday night we watched the movie crazy heart. in my opinion, it was a good movie (not great) and a bit sad. but one line from it stayed with me all weekend. when two characters meet, one asks the other, "what is the most important thing to know about you?" i love this question but could not answer it myself. so i keep pondering, searching for an answer, just in case i'm ever asked. how would you answer? i will let you know when i figure out my response.


  1. I heard a quote the other day when doing yoga, and it really stuck with me: "If you let go of everything you don't need, what would you have left?" They're different questions but both seem to ask for something about your essence.

  2. What a great question! Seems like our answers will change over time ... Right now, my quick fire response would be: I am learning to love myself, so trend lightly.

    I also enjoyed your responses below ... so many things we seem to have in common! I especially relate to the surprise I experience when looking in the mirror and the desire to age gracefully ...

    and now i see Goodreads and I had forgotten I have an account there ... need to check out The Lacuna, I love Kingsolver!

    xo Lis