Saturday, April 9, 2011

plants, please

flowers are so beautiful. i just spent a week with a friend who was hospitalized and her many, caring friends sent vases and baskets of flowers. the room was overflowing with color.

but the smell was also overwhelming. it reminded me of a funeral. or a mortuary. it is just my humble opinion, but i prefer plants, flowering or not. i like the smell of soil and the witnessing of the various stages a live plant goes through.


  1. Dear Laurie-I hope your friend is okay? I love all kinds of flowers and plants. Once we received roses that had been dyed BLUE!! They were really strange and spooky and didn't last but 2 days because the dye made all the petals fall off! I mean...why take perfectly beautiful roses and dye them? they reminded me of a funeral home or something!

  2. Lovely roses. I too hope your friend is ok.

  3. Laurie,
    I hope your friend is better. Did you take this photo?
    Laura P.

  4. i am not a big flower person either. hope your friend is feeling well soon