Thursday, April 7, 2011


i took this photo out the window of a hospital where my good friend was battling a bad infection last month. on sunday one of my husband's co-workers died of a heart attack at age 44.

we forget that life is precarious and oh so precious and fleeting. that forgetting is a good and a not so good thing. is it better to live as if you were dying or live as if you will never die?


  1. What a beautiful picture and great reminder

  2. What a stunning picture!! So sorry to hear of your husband's friend dying at such a young age. I think...its' better to live as if ..we don't know when we will die, to value each moment, each breath, each interaction with our loved ones...because we just never know. Of course its' difficult to keep that perspective all the time...
    Oh!!! LOVE oranges nad lemos pound cake! Hvae you ever tried almond pound cake? Delicious!!!

  3. ooops! sorry for all the typos...long day and forgot to spellcheck!!

  4. What a beautiful photograph today. Thanks for sharing,