Thursday, October 6, 2011

love letter to rome

a page from my travel journal featuring a vintage postcard of the colosseum

dear rome,
i have been away from you much too long, i know. there was a time in my life when you were my truest love and i thrived in your embrace. well, i am returning in just a few short days to see you again. this time i have no checklist, no agenda, for you and i are beyond that stage in our relationship. i am coming back to just sit in your piazzas, walk your cobblestone streets, and drink in the intoxicating atmosphere that has made you popular for centuries. and, i must tell you, i am bringing someone with me - you don't know him but he is someone i believe will be as enamored with you as i am. so look for us as we look for you. and know how much it has meant to me over the years that you remain solid in a world that spins much too fast.
love, me

*i will be in italy for a week, october 8 - 14. a presto!


  1. You are so lucky!! I want to go to Italy some day too. :)

  2. We spent a magical long weekend in Rome. We had been in Prague - which felt very foreign. Flying into Rome felt like flying home - the softness of the air, the language, the food... everything. We wandered into some amazing al fresco meals and loved everything from the Vatican to the Coliseum. A night on Spanish Steps and a gelatto at the Trevi Fountain. All spectacular.
    Enjoy yourself!