Sunday, October 2, 2011

prickly love

while hiking a couple of weekends ago, i spotted this cactus. at first it seemed like such an opposition - a heart with spines?! we snapped a few photos and moved on down the trail. but this image has stayed with me and i have given a lot of thought to why this cactus is the perfect spokes-thing for love. lets face it, love is often very fickle and hard to hang on to. it is visible but difficult to approach. we like to imagine it as warm and fuzzy but it can be pokey and cause pain. just think of how we protect our own vulnerable hearts behind defense mechanisms more complex, but just as effective, as thorns. so a cactus heart really does have a lot to say about the nature of love. pliers, anyone?!


  1. You are so right! Cool that you found that inspiring cactus :)

  2. How amazing! I shot pictures of cactus hearts while in Sedona! Was thinking of you and wondering where art thou? Aren't you traveling soon?

    Oh, creative adventurer ... I am so glad you are not shelving your pursuits as I firmly believe there is a way to merge the creative with the daily, that we can balance our passions and curiosity and expression with the more prosaic. You know, ecstasy and then the laundry!

    xo Lis