Thursday, January 13, 2011


ali edwards put a post titled loving on her blog last week - she is always cutting edge and very talented. i was so inspired by it that i wanted to create my own, especially after all the negative energy i've been feeling this week. so here's what i'm loving right now:

i am loving this book. actually i am loving just reading again after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. it feels great to curl up under the blankets with a good novel. this story has it all so far and i am falling deeper into its magic pages each evening. of course, you can not go wrong by reading anything by barbara kingsolver - she is a master.

even though i live in sunny arizona, there is something about winter that makes me crave a cup of hot tea. i am loving this blend right now and could sip on it for hours, just adding hot water now and then.
i am loving the hipstamatic photos i've been taking on the iphone my friend, kl, gave me. the quality of the light in these shots matches the way i see the world. i'm no techy or photographer but i've had so much fun with it. thanks kl!

i know i am a bit late to the party, but i have discovered brene brown and have a huge crush on her. i have watched this video several times and it makes so much sense to me. love, love, love.

i am loving the oportunity to identify these special things in my life and plan to do this again.


  1. Lacuna is my book group book, and I haven't even started it. Hopefully soon. I also love tea - enjoying Good Earth and Peet's chamomile/peppermint blend.

  2. Laurie,
    Thanks for sharing this video! I've never heard of her. What wonderful connections we can make when we reach out into the world and seek other positive minds. Have a wonderful day!