Wednesday, January 5, 2011


like many others, i have been deciding on a word. a word to guide my year, to focus on and stay true to. a few have been considered (awaken, bloom) but on new year's eve i woke up with the perfect word on my mind: together. this word is so versatile and covers all my plans and hopes for the next year.

i believe at this point in my life i should have it together - no more inconsistencies and random moves. i want to be together: body, mind, and spirit. making choices that support the health and unity of all aspects of myself. together is knowing who i am and what i want. it is the cumulation of years of trying, years of self-work, years of experiences. together is embracing all that for this shiny new year.


  1. Together is a great word. It embraces so much.

    BIG Hugs!

  2. I love your word - but I'm wondering about the blog now. Have you decided to start over? I'm interested..