Wednesday, September 7, 2011

an angel

i believe in a guardian angel of roadkill. an invisible saint that comforts animal souls after they have been hurt or injured by vehicles.

this being's soft voice drowns out crunching metal, squealing tires and shattered glass. her warm touch protects against impact with hard and rough surfaces. but most of all, the angel's presence conveys love during a horrific experience. she accompanies these victims to a peaceful place away from machines and pavement. it is what any living being deserves, especially those without guilt or power. so i choose to believe in and honor this most special of guardian angels.

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  1. What a nice blog, I will take time for reading it! Just wanted to let you know I was there.
    Angels are so important for me too. I can sense them around me every day. But they can only interfere, if we ask them. I'll learn to do this more often, because they love doing things for us. :)