Wednesday, September 14, 2011


one day a couple months ago we took my two nephews for a hike. the beginning of the hike was steep and we all stayed together, sharing water and taking breaks. then, on the way back down to the trail head, they picked up their pace and got way ahead of us. i was somewhat worried since i could not see them and wasn't even sure they stayed on the right trail. then to my delight, we found some signs on the path that they had made with sticks and rocks to let us know they were up ahead.

this one says lolo, which is what they call me

here they scratched my name in the dirt and left an arrow pointing to which way they had gone

i often wish there were more signs in life to show us which way to go and let us know we are on the right path. maybe i just need to slow down and start paying attention.


  1. What a wonderful experience to have. A simple joy, and you really appreciated it.